3. Hypnosis Shows

As Rip-Roaring Entertainment Comedy Hypnosis claims, you can see the show or you can BE the show! This unique type of entertainment utilizes audience members to actually take part in Master Hypnotist Aaron Repinski’s amazing hypnosis talent. The show will leave audience members wondering if it’s real, and will leave participants wondering how that just happened!

As a skilled hypnotist, Aaron Repinski does something that often happens… – “he makes people forget their surroundings and do the unthinkable”. Aaron Repinski is a professional hypnotherapist and Master Comedy Hypnotist and his show proves just that. The evening starts with Repinski prepping the audience, making sure they are in the right frame of mind. Next, he chooses volunteers who are willing to go on stage and fall under his hypnotic suggestion. After several tests, he chooses his participants to take part in the best night they may never remember! The volunteer performers are induced into hypnosis, and then perform hilarious acts under Repinski’s suggestion. To the audience’s delight, participants act out one hilarious situation after another. All the while, his running commentary is both wild and witty. The show blends child to adult humor and outrageous scenarios, keeping audience members hypnotized with laughter.
Many non-believers sign up to participate in his show, only to wake up later with little to no memory of what just took place but incredible stories from friends and family!

Comedy Stage Hypnosis Shows available upon request.
From High School shows to retirement parties… I can do shows for all ages! Rated G to Pushin the edge!!!

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